Englisch-Portugiesisch kollaborativen Wörterbuch: Wörter und Phrasen mit ihrer Übersetzung oder Definition hinzugefügt von Benutzern

abacist abacterial abandonment abbreviatory abdicable
accessory accumulated fouls action for infringement action paulienne active offside
actual playing time acute angle added time administrative jurisdi... advance (to)
advantage advantage rule aerial pass affordable aggregate score
agribusiness all and sundry all of you all you can eat allow a goal (to)
all-round player all-round team all-star team amount angle between post and...
ankle-biter annual calendar anoint anticipate a pass (to) antimagnetic
antonym appeal committee application for execution appointment artifact
ashstone asset asset bubble asset price assets under management
assignment of patents assist assistant referee attack down the field attack on the left | o...
attack the ball (to) attack up the field attacker attacking attacking midfield player
attacking play attacking side attacking style attacking tactics attacking team
austerity averaging award a free kick (to) award a goal (to) award an indirect free...

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