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he is a very good seller
padlocks that couples lock on a bridge or fence among others to symbolise their love
1. [Mil.] a pilot who comes in support of the leading aircraft. He is positionned besides and slightly behind the leading aircraft. 2. [Fig.] a person who helps a friend to approach potential partners
2. this meaning has been popularised by the TV series How I Met Your Mother
a person who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.
someone who talks too much
[Australia] ; [NZ]
game of power inside a company's board or management team
abnormal fear of pain.
posting a picture of one's pet on social media, with a sign describing the animal's wrongdoing
more specific: cat shaming or dog shaming
the fear of being unable to use one's mobile phone
This can happen when losing the device, when out of battery, credit or network coverage
a field of study searching for ways to prevent global warming by deliberately changing Earth's natural system
you only live once
[Fam.] acronym
When men have quality time together, and do "guy" things.
[Slang] related to bro-mance
economic player that both produces and consumes a good or service
portmanteau word: producer + consumer. Linked to mass costumisation
a person who accesses the Internet from multiple devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone...)
a text or graphic element meant to prompt the user to click on a link
[Tech.] the most common call-to-actions are buttons or banners
es un pizarrón con imágenes enumeradas que nos ayudan a entender practicando el ipa.
your best clothes that you wear on special occasions
A set of online digital assets or virtual value that may be left to another person in a will.
1043 Suchergebnisse 
1   2   3   4   5


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